JIP has been established in 2009 at Singapore with an motive to digitalise and automate the energy market to make the world more connected, intelligent, efficient, reliable and sustainable.We have created smart appliances and shared mobility by using data, analytics and connectivity

We help ensure that energy is consumed when and where it is needed, by improving the responsiveness of energy services and predictively with respect to user behaviour, enable demand response to reduce peak loads to shed loads (e.g. adjusting temperature settings to lower energy demand at a particular time).Predict, measure and monitor in real time the energy performance of buildings, allowing consumers, building managers, network operators and other stakeholders to identify where and when maintenance is needed, when investments are not performing as expected or where energy savings can be achieved.Digitalization, including smart thermostats and smart lighting, have helped us in total energy use in residential and commercial buildings bby as much as 10% compared with the Conventional System.




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