Commercial buildings are far more energy efficient in design than ever, there is a limit to the efficiency that can be achieved through traditional design and materials alone. In the past, buildings have been designed as 'insulated elements' from their environment. Indoor comfort - visual, thermal and air quality - has been delivered by over-designing artificial lighting and HVAC systems. Furthermore, the traditional fragmented approach to the management of building services has been another hindrance to achieving optimum energy efficiency. All this has changed with KNX - the world STANDARD for home and building control.

Using KNX technology and the KNX standard as the platform for the integration and control of all or some of a commercial building's services has many benefits. KNX certified products are fully compatible and therefore integration is simple. KNX can provide effective energy management through Peak Demand Monitoring, Current Detection, Network Monitoring, Load Shedding, Smart Metering, Energy Pulse Counting, Data Logging and Visualisation.

KNX for lighting control includes automated switching & dimming, constant light Control, timed control, light scenes and the provision of DALI Gateways.

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